Data has revealed the Bexley postcodes with the fastest and slowest selling homes in the borough over the last year.

Data collected by Property Solvers over the 12 months between October 2022 and October 2023 has revealed the postcodes in Bexley where houses sell the quickest and slowest.

Data from house buying firm Property Solvers tracks data from the moment a property is listed on the UK’s leading property portals, to the point where it’s marked as officially sold on the HM Land Registry.

The top three selling postcodes

The postcode with the fastest selling houses in Bexley is DA17 in Belvedere, where properties took an average of 106 days to sell, according to data taken from the sale of 18 properties.

This was followed with DA8 in Erith, which took an average of 117 days to complete house sales, and DA15 in Sidcup, which took an average of 123 days.

The top three slowest postcodes

According to data, the slowest postcode for house sales in Bexley was DA18 in Erith, where one recorded property sale took a total of 169 days to complete.

The second postcode for slowest selling houses was BA6 in Bexleyheath, with an average of 147 days to complete sales, followed by DA7 in Bexleyheath, with an average of 137 days.

Here’s the full list below:

  • DA17 (Belvedere) = 106 days (18 properties)
  • DA8 (Erith) = 117 days (31 properties)
  • DA15 (Sidcup) = 123 days (47 properties)
  • DA5 (Bexley) = 125 days (28 properties)
  • DA16 (Welling) = 131 days (64 properties)
  • DA14 (Sidcup) = 132 days (36 properties)
  • DA7 (Bexleyheath) = 132 days (49 properties)
  • DA6 (Bexleyheath) = 147 days (18 properties)
  • DA18 (Erith) = 169 days (1 property)