I went to see Quiz at The Churchill Theatre and it made me feel like an audience member of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.

Quiz depicts the true story of the Who Wants to Be a Millionaire scandal which captured the world’s attention in the early 2000s.

Following a successful run on the West End, Quiz is currently on tour around the UK and is currently playing at Bromley’s Churchill Theatre.

The show, written by James Graham, features Rory Bremner starting as Chris Tarrant, Emmerdale’s Charley Webb as Diana Ingram, Lewis Reeves as Charles Ingram and Mark Benton as Judge Rivlin.

News Shopper: Leo Wringer (Nicholas Hilliard QC) Leo Wringer (Nicholas Hilliard QC) (Image: Johan Persson)

The set of the show transported me from the courtroom to a British country pub, and to the studio of the famous gameshow itself.

The set used projectors to set the scene, showing clips of the contestants' faces during the game which, along with cameras and audience participation, made me feel as if I was part of the audience of the game show itself.

News Shopper: QUIZ Danielle Henry, Rory Bremner & Leo WringerQUIZ Danielle Henry, Rory Bremner & Leo Wringer (Image: Johan Persson)

The show jumps between the courtroom and the events leading up to it, following the story of the evolution of the popular Who Wants to Be a Millionaire gameshow to the scandal which rocked the nation.

Rory Bremner gives a convincing and entertaining performance as Chris Tarrant during his time on the show and Charley Webb gave a great portrayl of Diana Ingram.

One of the unique things about this show is the level of audience participation, that I haven’t experienced in a show outside of the realm of pantomimes.

At the start of the show, audience members are given small interactive devices where they can vote on what they think is the right answer, rather like the audience members would have in Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.

Audience members are asked to vote both on what is the right answer to a quiz question, as well as their verdict following the conclusion of the court case, thus breaking the fourth wall and bringing audience members into the show itself.

If you like comedy, this show is definitely one that provides audience members with a lot of humour and wit, and don’t be surprised when you hear the odd profanity.

From actors giving karaoke-style renditions of popular songs, to re-enacting scenes from Coronation Street, the show offers some nostalgic glimpses of some of Britain’s best-known pop culture moments.

News Shopper: Lewis Reeves (Charles Ingram ) & Rory Bremner (Chris Tarrant) -Lewis Reeves (Charles Ingram ) & Rory Bremner (Chris Tarrant) - (Image: Nicholas Hillard)

Ultimately, the audience are left to decide on the outcome of the scandal by giving a “guilty” or “not guilty" verdict.

The show is a hilarious, riveting and entertaining depiction of the real life events that captured an entire nation’s attention and, to this day, still does.

Sensory Information

The show doesn’t have any loud bangs, although there are some flashing lights and bright studio lighting.

The show does begin and end quite dramatically and unexpectedly with a loud noise which may catch you off-guar.

Quiz will be playing at the Bromley's Churchill Theatre until Saturday, November 11 before continuing its tour at Canterbury’s Marlowe theatre.