As the festive season commences with the iconic Christmas lights being turned on in central London, let's look back at the local winter light spectacular held on Bromley high street during the October half-term.

On the night of 25th October, an unusually lively scene was on display in the heart of Bromley. Many parents brought their children to walk through the vibrant light show as a fun half-term family activity, there was no need to go all the way to central London, all you needed to dazzle the children was right there in the town of Bromley.

I asked Denise, who was there with her husband and daughter why they decided to come, to which she answered, “I was just looking for something fun, something local, for our family to join during half-term online, and I found this. I was honestly surprised by the amount of people that are here.” 

Children were running around in the kaleidoscope of light. The street was filled with people, with families stopping to take pictures, no doubt to capture one of the highlights of the half-term break. 

In particular, there was a bustling crowd in front of the food stalls, which opened exclusively for the event. The delicious smell tempted people to gather, and the churros and pizzas seem to make the long queues all worth it.

So for this Christmas, maybe consider discovering events in your local community instead of squeezing your way through central London.