The entrance to the Bexley High Street car park has flooded due to a blocked drain and heavy rainfall over the past week.

Pictures of the road's current state were shared on Twitter, with the depth of the water increasing overnight near the Mill Row building.

The problems appear to be linked to a blocked drain.

X (Formerly known as Twitter) user @10isys made their first report on October 30 but it has remained unfixed, leaving the road unusable for pedestrians.

They rereported the issue on Friday due to its worsening condition.

The user claims that Bexley Council temporarily closed the car park during the summer to address the issue, but the problem has resurfaced, causing obstructions for both vehicles and pedestrians.

Bexley Council has been approached for further comment.

A spokesperson for the Bexley Council said: "Thank you for your inquiry regarding the car park on Bexley High Street.

"Our Highways Team has attended the site and the gullies and grids have now been cleared.

"Further investigations will be undertaken on the drainage."