A bar in Lewisham has reworked a Victorian build pub into a trendy venue that has the community at its heart.

Since its 2018 launch, Elements Bar has been an inviting venue for locals offering everything from food, drink, live entertainment, regular events and vibrant atmosphere.

Elements Bar pays homage to its history, with a vintage Victorian interior that has been tastefully modernised.

Flower walls and LED lighting add to the bar's charm, while a striking graffiti wall welcomes players into the pool area.

Sahla, managing director of Elements, said: “The essence of Elements Bar is to curate the ideal components or (elements) for a memorable night out, where you can satisfy all your social desires within a single venue.

“Through our diverse range of events, we aim to accommodate everyone's preferences.”

The building, a small Victorian structure on the corner of Lee High Road and Lee Church Street, has had its share of identities in the past.

It was originally known as the Swan for the first 160 years of its existence, before transitioning to Rambles Bar, and finally, Elements Bar.

The duo behind Elements Bar consists of two 31-year-old Lewisham-born visionaries as well as the energy and diverse skills of six team members.

The bar's menu boasts a variety of cocktails and bar bites, with plenty of comfort options like pizza, chips, nuggets, and patties.

It is very close to other key points in the area such as Manor House Gardens, Lewisham Station, and Lewisham Shopping Centre meaning this bar has swiftly evolved into a staple of the neighbourhood.

Its offerings range from retro games nights and boozy brunches, to life drawing and networking events.

The versatility and size of Elements Bar allowed it to transform it into a sought-after venue for private events, be it birthday parties, wedding receptions, or corporate lunches.

The team behind Elements Bar has many achievements over the past five years.

Notable accomplishments include participation in the “We Are Lewisham” London Borough of Culture scheme, with a month-long art exhibition featuring artists from across the city.

The bar was nominated for the Lewisham Business Awards in 2022 and 2023.

Through their diverse event offerings, the team seek to cater to everyone's preferences, embodying an authentic community spirit.

One Google review reads: “Very trendy and local. The new owners have captured the spirit of the community and created an amazing place to get a drink with friends. I always have a great time at their events.”