A viral TikTok video shows a wheelchair user shouting at a bus driver and passengers in south east London after allegedly being denied access onto the bus.

In the video, the man is waiting at an Elephant and Castle bus stop and is shouting into the bus as it appears that the priority space is already full of buggies.

In the video, he can be heard protesting because the “people with buggies have the children on their laps anyway”,

The man being denied access can be heard in the video saying: “I’m sick and tired of it.

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“They are not even being used. They’ve got their children on their laps.”

The bus driver then closes the doors and drives away, leaving the wheelchair user at the bus stop.

The person recording the video then said: “That was a quick altercation because a disabled man could not get access onto a bus because people had their baby buggies in the way.

“He said, I must have priority because I’m disabled, and I totally agree with him.

“I didn’t get here in time to get all the foul language and abuse he was giving out.”

The person recording then speaks to the disabled man refused access onto the bus and the pair agree that wheelchair users are supposed to be prioritised on public transport.

The person recording adds: “That’s pretty scandalous because the bus driver drove off and the people with buggies refused to move their buggies out the way to let him get on the bus.

“He’s distraught and I can understand why.

“I was watching for five or ten minutes and I didn’t want to invade his privacy because he was going ballistic, he was swearing and everything.

“It was almost as though the people on the bus were mocking him.”

He goes on to say that if it was him and his small children on a bus, he would get off to let the wheelchair user on.

The video currently has 92,400 views on TikTok and 1,725 comments.

Many people in the comment section have argued that not all buggies can be folded down and that the mothers had waited to get on the bus and should not have to move.

Others in the comments pointed out that by law, wheelchair users have priority for that space.

Advice on the TfL website says: “All buses have a wheelchair space available.

“By law, wheelchair users have priority over the space as it is the only place they can travel safely.

“When a wheelchair user is not using the space, you can use it on a first come first served basis.

“If a wheelchair user wishes to board a bus, you should share the space, fold your buggy or move.

“You will not be asked to leave the bus, but you may choose to do so.

“If you wish to board the next bus instead, the driver will issue you a transfer ticket so you don't need to pay a double fare.”

Mark Evers, Transport for London's Chief Customer Officer, said: “Making our transport network more accessible and inclusive is a top priority for us and we know that a more accessible public transport network benefits everyone.

“All bus routes are served by low-floor vehicles with an access ramp and dedicated space for wheelchair users.

“By law, wheelchair users have priority over the space over buggy users and our bus drivers are trained to remind customers of this.

“We are ascertaining whether or not this guidance was followed in this case.”