In the globe theatre London, there were recently showings of Macbeth, the play written by Shakespeare, I was able to attend a showing in the afternoon. 

The globe was an interesting building. It has an open roof which is open to the elements. The experience of the actual building where the play was originally performed made it more impressive. The use of the space was excellent, members of the cast spread between the crowd showing movement and fluidity throughout the scenes. There were branch-like stands within the crowd itself so from the upper seating you had an unobstructed view of all the actors in the play.  

The production itself was a mixture between modern and Jacobean theatre which made it interesting. The language and script used in the play is the same or very similar to the script written by Shakespeare. However, the costumes and outfits worn by the actors were modern. For example, some of the children were wearing typical ‘children’s clothing’ like a spiderman t-shirt. Which made it easier for the audience to understand what was going on in the play. It also made it easier to distinguish the children of the king from the other children.  

I loved the modern take on the witch's scene at the start of Act 3. I enjoyed the scenes with the witches in the most, their costumes and wit, they were the most funny and expressive characters there which made the scenes about the witches, despite them being more gruesome, funnier and more entertaining.

Overall, I think that the production of Macbeth in the Globe was particularly good because of the use of the structure of the original building, and the use of modern clothing to help the understanding for the audience. 

I recommend going to the globe as it is a unique experience to be able to watch productions inside of!