Melina Hazewood – The Secret To Song Writing.

Melina Hazewood is a 16 year old with an incredible singing voice and an amazing talent for song writing.

Melina Hazewood started to write her own songs at the age of 11 and now she has written a whopping 74! She wrote her first song a couple of months before she turned 12.  As normal for her she had come up with a chord progression and a melody but this was the first time she put words to her songs. This first song was called ‘Out like a splash’ and was about happily throwing a boy out of her life.  Melina says that it normally takes her around 30 minutes to write a song. Although, often she will have random ideas here or there that she can refine later. She never forces herself to write a song but does it only when she feels inspired or has a good idea.

Melina has already got a music video for her song powerful which she released in March. This music video was shot in Paris in February of 2023 and she had been planning how she wanted this video to look since December 2022. Melina said that the filming process was very fun as she got to see lots of beautiful areas of Paris. They wanted the video to have a timeless feel so it would echo the power  of females in all ages. She  can be seen wearing a long dress in some shots and everyday clothes in others, this is to show the balance between ‘the mysterious eternal women’ and ‘the typical young women’. She does plan to make more music videos and is looking to film another one in December.

Melina has written and professionally recorded an album of 12 songs a lot of which she wrote when she was 12/13 but the recording process has been long! She records her music with her producer Lenny Bunn. She says that the recording process is very fun and she enjoyed every moment of recording her album. Melina explained that the recording of her voice was a difficult but rewarding process. 6 of the 12 songs on the album all link to love  and 2 other songs are about overthinking and insecurities one which is dedicated to her sister the other dedicated to a friend.

I asked Melina whether she prefers singing her own songs or others and in answer to this she explained that when she sings other people’s songs it helps her to experiment with her voice and can challenge her to move outside her comfort zone. However,  she admitted that she prefers to sing her own songs because she knows exactly how to place her voice and her songs are tailored to fit her range nicely and when singing her own songs she feels she can focus on the expression of the song as she knows the exact emotion the song is trying to portray.

Find Melina on Instagram @melina_hazewood.