Bromley is home to several haunted places which have intrigued and chilled locals and visitors alike.

For those seeking spine-tingling encounters with the supernatural, we have compiled a list of Bromley's top 10 haunted locations.

From eerie theatres to ghostly inns, each site has its own spectral tale to share.

Here are ten of the most haunted places in Bromley:


1 Churchill Theatre

Churchill Theatre in Bromley High Street has its fair share of ghostly tales.

Visitors have reported sightings of a man in a trilby hat occupying seat B7.

A former canteen worker has also said she heard strange noises, as well as seeing objects mysteriously moving.

The manager also claimed to have seen a middle-aged lady in grey multiple times, particularly in the area where the canteen once stood.


2 Bromley United Services Club

The Bromley United Services Club on London Road has a lot of interesting stories and legends.

One of the stories is about an old sea captain who might still be there as a ghost.

And the walls of the club have strange markings that nobody can explain.


3 The Chequers Inn

The Chequers Inn, on Southborough Lane, Bickley, has had a lot of scary reports throughout the years.

Many of these include encountering the ghostly presence of a man dressed in velvet green and a plumed hat.

This figure is often associated with the infamous highwayman and misreported “romantic hero” Dick Turpin.

Upstairs, people have reported hearing footsteps and doors slamming even when there was nobody up there.

Guests have even reported their beds shaking in the dead of night.

4 Crystal Palace Station

The tunnel connecting Crystal Palace and Gipsy Hill stations is believed to be haunted by a headless ghost.

The spectre is said to have been a maintenance man who met a tragic end in an accident.

Luckily, very few people wander through train tunnels but train passengers have reported feeling an eerie chill as the train goes through the tunnel.


5 Wickham Court School

Wickham Court School, on Layhams Lane, West Wickham, is notorious for frequent ghostly sightings.

Among these apparitions is a woman believed to be Anne Boleyn, the second wife of Henry VIII, who was executed.

She is often seen walking along Anne Boleyn's walk.

Other spectres who weren’t Queens are also said to haunt the premises, including an old cleaner who is heard wiping windows from time to time.


6 St George's RAF Chapel

St George's RAF Chapel at Biggin Hill Airport has become a hot spot for paranormal activity.

The most constant are reported sightings of World War II airmen haunting the premises.

These apparitions are said to salute rather than haunt, serving as a reminder of the bravery of airmen during the war.


7 The Crown Inn

In 1896, tragedy struck when a miner met a horrific end in an accident, sending shockwaves through The Crown Inn, on School Road, Chislehurst. 

The lifeless body of the unfortunate miner was brought to the inn, linking his spirit to its hallowed halls.

Over the years, tales of his ghostly presence have circulated, earning him the reputation of the "resident" phantom.

Visitors and staff have recounted spine-chilling encounters, from unexplained cold drafts and inexplicable footsteps to objects mysteriously moving on their own.


8 Chislehurst Caves

The man-made Chislehurst Caves, off Old Hill in Chislehurst, hold a multitude of paranormal phenomena.

Visitors have reported sightings of a Cavalier (a Royalist from the English Civil War).

They’ve also reported a mist transforming into a woman near the pool, unexplained footsteps and rustling sounds.

It gets creepier when reports of strange odours, laughter, and even the whispers of women and children in the distance.

Many have also claimed to feel ghostly touches while exploring the caves.


9 Ye Olde White Lyon

At Ye Olde White Lyon, at Farnborough Common, Locksbottom, on the outskirts of Orpington, an old lady is said to haunt the restrooms, where doors used to slam and lock by themselves.

Despite its name, it has many modern elements, including motion sensors.

But the motion sensors have been triggered when no one is present.


10 Kevington Hall 

The ghostly presence of a German pilot is believed to reside in the woodlands near Kevington Hall, near St Paul's Cray, Orpington. 

The German pilot was said to have crashed and perished near Kevington during the Second World War.

Numerous witnesses have reported sightings of a shadowy figure and experienced chilling sensations.