Plans to build a three-floor nightclub in London’s most endangered building has been proposed to Southwark Council.

The former Peckham department store, named the UK’s most at-risk Victorian building in 2021, could be turned into a three floor nightclub and bar.

Renowned for its iconic clock tower, inspired by St. Mark's Clocktower in Venice, the building once served as the Peckham Palais nightclub until its closed ten years ago.

According to Southwark Council, the building - which initially opened in 1867 - has been vacant for a “considerable time” and as a result has fallen into a state of disrepair.

Now, the objective is to breathe new life into this establishment.

The plans includes the creation of a music venue, nightclub, and bar across three floors and the basement.

The aim is to “encourage” a mix of complementary arts, cultural, leisure and entertainment uses in Peckham which can help contribute to support a vibrant town centre.

According to proposals submitted to Southwark Council, extensive repairs would be carried out to the crumbling building as part of the project.

At this stage, the application has been validated, and the upcoming determination date for the plans will be on December 11.

Neighbours have been notified about the planning application, and those wishing to comment can do so by November 14.