Thundery heavy showers and strong winds over the weekend could cause flooding to already soaked parts of the UK, forecasters warn.

Areas in London and the south of England, the Highlands and north east of Scotland and Northern Ireland are all set to be lashed over the next few days.

The worst affected regions could see 70mph gusts or up to nearly four inches of rain, leading to possible flooding, travel delays and power cuts.

Here is the hour-by-hour forecast for today (Saturday)

12pm - Cloudy

1pm - Sunny intervals

2pm - Light shower

3pm - Cloudy

4pm - Light rain

5pm - Heavy rain

6pm - Heavy rain

7pm - Partly cloudy

8pm - Cloudy

9pm - Light shower

10pm - Thunder

11pm - Heavy shower

Here is the hour-by-hour forecast for tomorrow (Sunday) 

7am - Sunny intervals 

8am - Sunny intervals

9am - Cloudy

10am - Cloudy

11am - Sunny intervals

12pm - Light showers

1pm - Light showers

2pm - Cloudy

3pm - Cloudy

4pm - Light shower

5pm - Light shower

6pm - Partly cloudy

7pm - Cloudy

8pm - Cloudy

9pm - Partly cloudy

10pm - Partly cloudy

Forecast in full 


Heavy showers continuing at first, mainly along English channel coasts. Drier with some brighter or sunny intervals further inland. Heavy rain, perhaps thundery and with gusty winds, then spreading northeast through the afternoon. Rather windy, especially along English Channel coasts. Maximum temperature 16 °C.


Rain spreading north, occasionally heavy and perhaps thundery. Windy, especially along coasts. Rain clearing north after midnight, with clear spells following. Further heavy showers likely, especially across southern coastal counties. Minimum temperature 8 °C.


Breezy start with showers continuing across English Channel coastal counties. Drier inland at first, with some brighter intervals, however showers soon spreading further inland. These heavy and with thunder possible. Maximum temperature 14 °C.

Outlook for Monday to Wednesday

Frequent showers continuing Monday and Tuesday, especially coastal areas. These heavy, and thundery at times. Some sunny intervals possible. Windy with more persistent rain overnight into Wednesday, then staying unsettled