South London residents have slammed plans to put Airbnb-style holiday homes in a back garden on their street.

One neighbour accused Parkhill Group Ltd, the developer behind the proposals, of having ‘real contempt’ for locals at a Lewisham Council planning meeting, where the application was approved on October 19.

Under the plans, three huts for short-term stays and outdoor seating will be placed in the back garden of a property on Wickham Road in Brockley.

The cabins, each of which will include a kitchenette, double bedroom and shower, will serve as holiday accommodation from Thursday to Sunday for 12 months, except during summer holidays when they will be let out all week.

When the huts are empty, the garden will be available for use by schools and community groups. 

Neighbours living on the quiet residential street told the meeting they were worried about the proposals.

Lauren Cleary said: “It’s not at all suitable for a residential area. […] I have serious security concerns regarding bringing [the] public into a private garden. There has been a real high volume of burglaries on [local] houses.” 

“I think this seems to be what seems to be a fairly transparent guise for a commercial venture hidden amongst a three-day-a-week community garden.

"The right to privacy of residents is completely ignored. The applicant says community a lot but there is a real contempt for the residents who are the community.”

Another neighbour, Ruth Wong, added: “The first hut is uncomfortably close and will block light from our garden room.

"I have concerns about what sort of door will be open to future developments because I’m somewhat sceptical of the concern for the community.

“I’ve also found it very difficult to contact this company so I’ve got some concerns also with any timely responses to problems of noise and antisocial behaviour.”

A representative from developer Parkhill Group Ltd said the garden could be used for activities such as forest school classes and therapeutic horticulture during times when no one was staying in the huts.

He said nuisance to neighbours would be avoided by screening potential guests before their arrival, banning holidaymakers from inviting other people over and fitting noise monitors in the garden.

He added: “This is an innovative response to a clear accommodation need that might otherwise result in a loss of housing stock through change of use.

"It is a scheme that is grounded in local history, celebrating local heritage, rooted in nature and supporting the local community.

“The proposal enhances site boundaries with trellises and planting, improving privacy for guests and neighbours alike.

"The majority of the site is dedicated to green open space. Flora is enhanced with native species selected to celebrate the history of Brockley as a growing and production centre.”

An all-Labour Lewisham Council planning committee approved the plans unanimously.