A man has been fined for driving too slowly and allowing his view to be blocked by condensation on his car windows. 

Emmanuel James, 62, was given a £668 court bill for the driving offences which took place on Bromley Road in Catford

At around 9.15pm on April 14, James was behind the wheel of a Toyota Auris when he was judged to have driven without reasonable consideration for other road users. 

He is said to have been driving at 15mph in a 30mph area while lane hogging. 

James’ view ahead is also said to have been blocked by condensation which had formed on all windows. 

For this he was charged with driving a motor vehicle while he could not have a full view of the road and traffic ahead. 

Finally, the brake pad of the Toyota car was said to have totally worn out and the plate was rubbing against the disc. 

He was charged with failing to maintain the good and efficient working order of the vehicle. 

James, of Culverley Road, was found guilty of three offences by magistrate Jane Fitch at Bromley Magistrates’ Court on October 17. 

He was fined a total of £399, ordered to pay a £159 surcharge and £110 in costs.  

He was also given four points on his licence.