According to data from Barrat London, Bromley has earned the title of the most haunted borough in south east London.

In a city steeped in history, the celebration of Halloween is a twist of eerie charm and modern excitement, as who knows what (or who) is lurking across the streets of London.

From bustling boroughs to quiet corners, Londoners of all ages and backgrounds are coming together to transform their homes into haunted havens.

In celebration of Halloween, Barratt London conducted a study to determine London's eeriest boroughs, considering factors such as ghost sightings, the number of cemeteries, availability of spooky tours, the presence of supernatural beings, and Halloween events.

Among the findings, Bromley secured the fourth position overall, cementing its reputation as the spookiest borough in south east London.

This borough boasts an impressive count of five cemeteries and a total of 23 reported ghost sightings.

Greenwich, ranking at number ten on the list, also has its own spooky charm, featuring four cemeteries, three well-known ghosts, vampires, witches, seven ghost sightings, two spooky tours, and a single Halloween event.

Taking the title of the spookiest borough in all of London is Westminster, with a score of 78 out of 100.

This borough is brimming with eerie occurrences, including 45 ghost sightings, 16 supernatural beings, 15 spooky tours, and 14 Halloween events.

Notably, Biggin Hill Airfield in Bromley is infamous for its numerous ghostly sightings, ranging from spectral airmen to supernatural planes.

Visitors who have explored the Chislehurst caves have reported encounters with supernatural activity, including instances of locks being tossed about, cables yanked from their sockets, and chalk being flung at unsuspecting visitors, as reported by

Additionally, ghostly sightings have been rumoured in haunted houses, pubs, cultural attractions, and even on the streets of Bromley.

Whether you're a believer in the paranormal or not, the allure of Bromley being the spookiest borough in southeast London is undeniably fascinating.