A New Cross micropub, The Shirker's Rest, has been celebrated in the CAMRA Good Beer Guide 2024.

The small but mighty pub has earned a notable reputation thanks to its affordable pints and its commitment to being an "anti-gastro pub."

Located at 9 Lewisham Way, this micropub quickly became a central point of community life after its doors opened in June 2022.

The owners of The Shirker's Rest are Ben, Graham, Dave, Dunc, and two Andys, all united by their shared passion for beer and socialising.

The team announced on Facebook that they are “delighted” to make it to the 51st edition of the Campaign for Real Ale's (CAMRA) Good Beer Guide.

Published annually, this guide serves as the ultimate compass for navigating the nation's pubs, uncovering hidden gems, and enjoying the perfect brew.

To mark its 51st edition, the guide features a striking cover and a foreword from none other than Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson, adding a touch of rock 'n' roll to the beer world.

Their mention in the book reads: “A micropub opened in 2022, opposite Goldsmiths University, as a joint venture between popular local bloggers Deserter and pop-up pub specialists Camberwell Shark.

“It offers seven craft beers on tap, bag-in-box cider, wine and spirits.

“Bar snacks are augmented by a free delivery arrangement with a local pizzeria.”

The venue is made up of two cosy rooms within a converted solicitor's office, as well as a petite outdoor area affectionately dubbed the "A20 Lounge."

Downstairs in the pub, the bar is adorned with pictures promoting relaxation and self-care, aligning with the pub's name, as a "shirker" is someone who skilfully avoids work and responsibilities.

The Shirker's Rest boasts an impressive array of local and independently produced national beers, with the prices for a pint of Shirker’s Best bitter starting at a wallet-friendly £3.80.

The pub's beverage selection extends beyond beers to include lagers, traditional-style bitters, pales, IPAs, sours, and wheat beers.

Additionally, they offer hand-picked ciders, wines, spirits, and an assortment of crisps, featuring the renowned "SLABS” which are “probably the greatest crisps available on the market as they are the size of a baked potato and thick as a pound coin”.

Andrew Grumbridge, one of the owners of the pub, told the News Shopper: “In the wilds of Kent, where the micropub tradition began, you may once have had your mobile phone nailed to the wall if you dared to use it instead of chat.

“We're not like that - we even play music - but the size of the pub does mean that at quieter times, if they want to, anyone can join in the conversation.

“We've seen the pub described as ‘anti-gastropub’ and ‘that place where people talk to each other’, which made us happy.

“We like the idea of the pub as a place not just to chat to friends, but also to meet new people, get to know them, perhaps make new friends.”