News Shopper readers have shared their thoughts and opinions about the new temporary theatre which will be replacing The Orchard Theatre in Dartford.

Dartford Borough Council has confirmed a 1,000 seat temporary venue is set to open yards from The Orchard Theatre.

This is due to concerns over the RAAC concrete in The Orchard Theatre’s roof, which forced closure of the venue in September.

Orchard West is scheduled to open in late November as a fully-functional, temporary, enclosed performance space with 1,000 seats – complete with seating, heating and cooling systems, access provision and full backstage and front-of-house facilities including indoor toilets and bars.

Many performance advocates and Dartford lovers have shared their views about the new theatre on Facebook, with some labelling it as “very good news”.

Others have expressed their concerns, such as how safe the building will be to customers and why Dartford needs “modernising”.

We have gathered the top comments on Facebook below.

Babs Brice said: “Dartford needs rebuilding and modernising.”

Sheryl Duke said: “Wish our council was as good as Dartford’s!”

Billy Smith said: “Just rebuild the whole thing.

“99 per cent of Dartford needs rebuilding and modernising.”

A spokesperson for the council says the venue will be capable of presenting “many of the shows” originally scheduled at The Orchard over coming months – with more to be added.

The temporary venue will be up and running in time for this year’s pantomime Beauty and the Beast starring soap star, actress and singer Shona McGarty, according to Dartford Borough Council.

Wendy Knight said: “Just wondering how safe will ‘temporary’ structure be as to be built so quickly.”

Robert Standing said: “Great to see the new temporary building happening, support live theatre - well done too all.

“Saving local jobs, keeping our great shows running - great for the Christmas shows.”

Joe Weiss said: “Fine but where is the audience? That should be the support base.”

Jonathan A Young said: “Yeah, I agree good news.

“It's been a building for a very long time since 14th April 1983 it’s the oldest building in Dartford and the only remaining theatre in Kent and in the UK.”

Yvonne Garlinge said: “This is very good news as have tickets for end of November.”

Patsy Groves said: “Not quick enough for our trip in November as Treason show CANCELLED.”

Angela Perry said: “Hope there will be disabled access.”

Located on the Westgate site just a stone’s throw from The Orchard Theatre, Orchard West is set to be a “unique and exciting setting” for audiences to continue to enjoy live performances.