Witnesses have described how police bomb disposal units sped through the A120 en route to  Stansted airport, where a flight from Kenya had been diverted after being intercepted by the RAF.

The incident started to unfold at about 3.30pm Thursday after drivers reported a huge emergency presence heading towards Stansted Airport.

Flight KQ100, which had been bound for Heathrow Airport, was intercepted by the RAF’s quick reaction alert typhoons, according to Aviation Source.

The aircraft, a B788, has approximately 240 seats, and touched down at Stansted at 3.56pm, according to Radar Box.

'Undercover police cars went flying past on the main road'

One witness phoned the Gazette newsdesk to tell us what they had seen when they were driving on the A120 earlier this afternoon.

They said: "Undercover police cars went flying past on the main road on the A120.

"There were bomb disposal cars flying through, and three normal police cars swerving in and out of the traffic.

"I had just passed Stansted and was heading towards Colchester.

"There were three fire engines.

"As I was coming past Coggeshall the police cars were speeding so fast – it was like a James Bond movie."

According to a partner of someone who was on the diverted flight, the incident is a false alarm.

They said: "Announcement been made. No threat. A false alarm. Gosh. What a relief. Thank you all who have been so diligent and calm here.

"Plane is now being towed to the docking station. Passengers should be going off momentarily.

"Everyone clapping."