Married at First Sight UK is a dating show on Channel 4 which has won the nations heart over the last few years.

The show's concept revolves around a panel of experts tasked with pairing couples according to their shared values, personalities, and interests.

In a dramatic twist, these matched couples come face to face for the very first time at the altar on their wedding day.

Following their unique weddings, the newlyweds embark on honeymoon adventures, providing them with an opportunity to delve deeper into their relationships.

As their journeys unfold, these couples engage in a series of enlightening dinner parties, where they openly discuss their budding romances, share their thoughts, and ask one another thought-provoking questions.

And where specifically are the dinner parties held?


According to Heart, the dinner parties are held at an event space in Greenwich, whilst the flats where the couples live are located in Wembley, north London.

Here, the couples meet up with other contestants whilst sat around a large dining table, and it’s no secret that the parties are where the juiciest chitchats are held.

It can be explosive, jarring and most certainly entertaining.

The Married at First Sight weddings this year were filmed at locations scattered across the UK.

At the end of the experiment, the couples have to decide whether they want to stay married or go their separate ways.

This year, there are three contestants from London looking for love appearing on the eight series of the show.

There is Arthur, 34, who is a tennis coach from London.

He has reportedly been “dreaming of a fairytale” since he was a child and hopes that’s what the show can give him.

Porscha, 36, is the only female participant from London.

She is an executive assistant with traditional values and is looking for a man who will provide for her and be an alpha male.

Terence, 40, is a youth worker and DJ from Reading but has said that he often heads into London for his DJing career, coming home in the early hours of the morning.

Mark, 36, is a customer service manager from London who is set to be appearing later in the show as an “intruder single”, according to Radio Times.

His motto is reportedly “too much is never enough” and that his appearance always comes first.