I got to brew my own ‘potions’ at a wizarding themed afternoon tea in central London.

Tucked away in Greek Street is the Wizard Emporium, a unique wizard themed bar and activity space.

There I tried the Wizard Afternoon Tea, an immersive experience that gives guests a chance to try their hand at potion making.

After you check in you will be greeted by your “Potions Master”, who will take you to one of the upstairs rooms in the old building.

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With its winding, wooden staircases lined with pictures, it felt like I’d stepped back in time.

The rooms are set out to look like potions classes, with objects and pictures lining the walls, and small potion bottles on the tables.

Robes are also available to loan if you fancy donning one and pretending you are a wizard, and wands are also given to each table for spell-casting later.

Potion making

During the experience you’ll get to brew two teas. The first will take place before the food is served, where you’ll be invited to open your chest with your wand.

News Shopper: Guests can blend their own potion during the experienceGuests can blend their own potion during the experience (Image: Emily Davison)

Inside the chest is a selection of “potion ingredients” you can use to blend your afternoon tea, which you will grind and add to a teabag to make your own potion brew.

There are an array of tea flavours on offer, from classics like English Breakfast and Earl Grey to peppermint and rose.

You can either choose to blend multiple teas together or use just the one if you don’t fancy straying too far out of your comfort zone.

You’ll later be invited to brew another afternoon tea, which is made using an array of ingredients in colourful potion bottles. You blend them together to make a potion, before adding additional drops which have names like “Goblin Toenails”, although be sure to ask your Potion Master for their official name if you need to be sure.

News Shopper: A selection of potions to add to your tea are also on offerA selection of potions to add to your tea are also on offer (Image: Emily Davison)

There are a lot of magical touches as part of the experience, like when you place your wand on different symbols to make them light up, or when you use your wand to unlock the potions chest.

This experience is very interactive and invites the guests to get involved in the class, answering questions and revealing the names of their potions.

The afternoon tea

The afternoon tea itself consists of a selection of savouries, one scone and a selection of cakes per person.

The savouries include a Turkey and cheese sandwich, a cream cheese and cucumber sandwich, and a mushroom quiche.

News Shopper: Guests are offered a selection of sweet treatsGuests are offered a selection of sweet treats (Image: Emily Davison)

You additionally get a homemade scone with the obligatory jam and cream.

The sweet treats include a pumpkin tart, red velvet cupcake, orange and chocolate macaroon and matcha sable.

The matcha sable was my favourite out of the sweet treats, a kind of crunchy matcha flavoured biscuit topped with light matcha flavoured whipped cream.

I enjoyed all of the sweet treats; the flavours were classic with not too many overly sweet options.

The flavours were more simplistic as far as afternoon teas go, which I imagine would appeal to younger guests who might not appreciate complex combinations of flavours.

They also serve vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options alongside their regular afternoon tea, with the optional add-ons of a glass of prosecco or a seasonal beer as well as a range of magic themed cocktails.

Compared to other afternoon teas I’ve tried, you don’t get as much in the way of food as other ones. However the key element of this is the potion making experience, which is something the company is best known for.

All in all, this is a unique experience. There’s a lot of pageantry with this afternoon tea and it's an immersive experience that would be well suited to anyone who loves anything to do with magic and wizardry.

News Shopper: A selection of magic themed cocktails and mocktails are also available A selection of magic themed cocktails and mocktails are also available (Image: Emily. Davison)

Wizard Afternoon Tea costs £42 for an adult, £32 for a child and £37.80 for a student, and is available to book on weekdays between 11:15am and 3:15pm and weekdays between 11am and 4:15pm.