Battersea Power Station Lift 109 offers beautiful panoramic views of London but has also become host to some unique events – and I got the chance to try out the practice of manifestation under a full moon and clear skies.

These unique nocturnal workshops form part of the 'Lift 109 Lates’ series, a collection of special after-hours events that take place on top of the Station’s north-west chimney, an impressive 109 metres above ground.

Leading these full moon gatherings is spiritual practitioner Roxy Marrone who uses gemstones, crystals and rituals to help people harness their desires.

News Shopper: Spiritual practitioner Roxy Marrone Spiritual practitioner Roxy Marrone (Image: London From The Rooftops)

The goal of the event is to shift mindsets towards abundance and openness, effectively promoting positivity.

I was always curious about the concept of manifestation but had never properly done it or had a full understanding.

The power station lift is already an amazing experience on its own but this special session added an extra layer of excitement to an already fantastic opportunity.

When we arrived we had a look around the introduction room, which provided some insight into Battersea Power Station's history and featured intriguing visual effects.

News Shopper: Introduction room at Battersea Power StationIntroduction room at Battersea Power Station (Image: Amy C)

This would have been particularly fascinating for someone interested in the building's history and whilst the manifestations sessions might not be everyone’s cup of tea, I’m sure many would love to learn more about this absolute beast of a building.

We received a brief introduction from Roxy, along with some refreshing drinks, and learned more about what to expect during the evening.

We were participating in a manifestation session under the full moon in September, specifically the Aries full moon – which is known for its passion and drive providing an opportunity to manifest new beginnings.

To fully experience this, you really had to approach it with an open mind, and we were more than willing to do so.

We took the lift to the top of the power station and gazed out at the beautiful landscape and city skyline. - It was a breathtaking sight, with the Thames and the full moon visible.

News Shopper: The view from the top of the power stationThe view from the top of the power station (Image: Amy C)We were given notebooks to jot down our answers to various questions Roxy posed, mostly about ourselves, our desires, passions, and the things holding us back in life.

It was quite intense to write down such personal things, but there was no pressure to share with the group, and it felt liberating to put it all on paper.

Following this, we meditated in the dome, with the backdrop of London behind us.

This heightened the intensity of the view along with the wind howling in the background, really added to the atmosphere.

My partner, initially someone I didn't expect to fully embrace the idea of manifestation, thoroughly enjoyed the experience and found it very fulfilling.

News Shopper: Spiritual practitioner Roxy MarroneSpiritual practitioner Roxy Marrone (Image: London From The Rooftops)

When we got home, we followed Roxy's advice and burned the papers – letting go of thoughts that we had about ourselves that were holding us back in life.

Roxy was an excellent guide and clearly very passionate about what she does.

Battersea Power Station will be hosting more full moon sessions in the future along with a variety of other events and experiences during the Lift 109 Lates.

Roxy Marrone, expert spiritual practitioner leading the Full Moon Manifestations at Lift 109, said: “When Lift 109 reaches the top of Battersea Power Station’s north west chimney, it's almost like you can touch the sky, the view is inspiring.

“Having such a unique, uninterrupted view of the full moon adds to the impact of manifesting and the workshops will be powerful, emotional experiences for all who attend.”