A new speed limit has been introduced on the A20 in Sidcup and a road user has called out the change for coming “with no warning”. 

The speed limit has been changed on a stretch of the road from 70mph to 40mph which a resident of the area feels is not well sign posted enough.

The driver, who wishes to remain anonymous, said that many people they know are now worried about receiving speeding fines for being unaware of the change.

The resident also believes that the signs “aren’t suitable for the road.”

They explained said: “A new speed limit has been put in on the A20.

“From Crittalls Corner slip road and to and past McDonalds on the A20 has been reduced to 40mph from 70mph with absolutely no warning, and tiny signs that aren't suitable for the road.

“People are now worried that they've received fines and are getting no help from Highways/TFL.”

Others have taken to social media to air their frustrations.

Katherine Trill took to X, formerly known as Twitter, and said: “Hi TfL, there has been a change in speed limit from 50 to 40 on a section of the A20 as it goes past Sidcup.

“But, I can’t find anything about when exactly the enforcement of this will begin.

“When is it please?

“Also, was an active decision made not to white paint advertise this change?”

A user named Emily added: “@MayorofLondon @TfL out of nowhere, you have decreased the speed limit on te A20 Sidcup to Swan;ley from 70mph to 40mph with totally inadequate road signage.

“The speed limit signs are very small and poorly placed.

“It is going to cause a major accident.

“Please sort this out.”

Another X user tweeted: “Why has the speed limit on the A20 between Sidcup and Swanley been reduced from 70mph to 40mph in the past day or so with no warning?

“Is this permanent?

“It’s very confusing for locals who feel caught out.”

However, TfL has confirmed that the speed limit change has been put in place for safety reasons as a result of surface water flooding and water sheeting.

TfL says it will be installing extra, temporary signs by the end of this week to make sure that drivers are aware of the change.

A TfL spokesperson said: “Safety is our number one priority and we have temporarily introduced a 40mph speed limit on the A20 Sidcup Road due to ongoing surface water flooding and water sheeting which has caused a number of safety concerns.

“This presents a serious risk to road users and this reduced speed limit will stay in place until permanent drainage measures can be installed

The new speed limit signage is compliant with the traffic sign regulations, and has been approved by the Metropolitan Police Service, however we will be installing additional temporary signage by the end of this week to ensure drivers are aware of the change in speed limit.”