On Tuesday night I visited Taro, the Japanese restaurant located in Pimlico, to try their 24th birthday set menu.

Taro was founded by Mr. Taro who visited London for the first time in 1979 and dreamt of making Japanese food popular by bringing authentic Japanese cuisine and culture to the city of London.

Beginning its journey with just 10 staff, Taro now has over 100 staff members with plans to expand more throughout London and the rest of the UK.

Nestled in the heart of south London, Taro offers an authentic taste of Japan that is sure to please any sushi lover or bento enthusiast.

Whether you’re a sucker for small plates such as gyoza and sushi, or love a piping hot bowl of ramen, udon noodle or rice dishes the menu features a plethora of delicious Japanese dishes.

I couldn’t help but admire the minimalist décor, with clean lines and warm wood accents, creating a relaxing atmosphere that’s perfect for a catch up with old friends.

To start with, I enjoyed some tender prawn gyozas, and my friend chose the Tori Karaage – fried chicken with a chipotle-style mayonnaise on the side.

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For the main course, I opted for the chicken katsu bento box, which came with a whole load of delicious treats, such as boneless and tenderness chicken with breadcrumbs, soybeans, beansprout, sushi, sashimi, miso soup, and boiled rice.

My friend chose the teriyaki tuna steak bento box, which came with vegetables on rice with teriyaki sauce Edamame, Beansprouts, 2pcs Roll sushi, Prawn & Salmon sushi, and 5pcs salmon sashimi.

The chicken was impeccably fresh, and the sushi rolls were creative and flavourful, showcasing a blend of traditional ingredients and stunning presentation.

News Shopper: The staff here were polite and knowledgeable about the menu, they were more than willing to make sure every customers experience was enjoyable.

For just £30 per person, Taro had a great price point, especially as the portion size was incredibly generous (so generous that I couldn’t finish all the food and gave half of it away).

To wash down the deliciously distinctive food, we both enjoyed a bottle of Pino Grigio and got lost in conversation.

Overall, Taro in Pimlico is a perfect spot for Japanese cuisine enthusiasts.

The tranquil ambiance, attentive service and stunning food made it a memorable night and I will most certainly be visiting again.

Taro also has locations in Soho, Walthamstow, Pimlico, Balham, Kennington, and Finchley.

Happy Birthday, Taro, we’ll see you again soon – maybe in time for your 25th birthday.