Thousands of music fans will be heading to London's O2 Arena as award-winning band Muse take over for two nights. 

As part of their 'Will of the People' world tour, Muse is set to get the crowd jumping with their hit songs 'Knights of Cydonia' , 'Starlight' and many more.

Muse's tour will see members Matt Bellamy, Chris Wolstenholme and Dominic Howard all take to the stage.

Ahead of the show, fans should check some key information, from door times, seating plans and if you can still get tickets. 

When is Muse at London's O2 Arena?

Muse will be taking over the O2 for two nights in October, the first on Sunday 1 and the second on Monday 2.

What time do doors open for Muse at London's O2 Arena?

If you want to get to the arena earlier to get the best view and take in all the atmosphere, you'll want to head down at 6pm on Saturday and 6.30pm on Sunday.

What is the seating plan for Muse at London's O2 Arena?

If you are curious as to what your view will be for Muse at the O2, you can find out. 

As the website gives you a picture or graphic view from your exact location.

See your view via the website

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Can you still get tickets to Muse at London's O2 Arena?

Tickets for Muse went on sale a while ago and were in huge demand. 

However, if you weren't able to get some tickets, you're in luck as there are still a select few up for grabs at the time of writing. 

The Saturday show still has some available, with prices starting at £146.75 per person and rising to £223.90 per person.

Sunday's show does have more availability, with prices starting at £64.25 and rising to £223.90 per person.

You can get tickets via Ticketmaster.

Who is supporting Muse at London's O2 Arena?

Muse is being supported by special guests Nova Twins for both shows at the O2.

The Nova Twins are best known for songs 'Choose Your Fighter', 'Cleopatra' and more.