Everybody loves a bargain and there's no better place to grab a deal than at a charity shop. 

Giving you the best of both worlds, you get the chance to save money whilst donating towards a life-changing charity.

From grabbing books for less than £1 each, to shoes, bags, outfits, homeware items, toys and much more, it's amazing what you can find in charity shops. 

Across South East London there are hoards of charity shops to choose from and looking around them can often be a nice swap from the normal day-to-day big brand shop.

Whether you're a keen charity shopper or curious to see what they have to offer, here's a list of some of the must-visit shops in South East London. 

Must visit charity shops in South East London

British Heart Foundation

Location: 59 High St, Bromley BR1 1JY

Open seven days a week, the British Heart Foundation is described by shoppers as a "nice store and friendly staff" whilst another said it offered a "good price".

Much like many traditional charity shops, you can expect to find clothes including oats and everything in between all the way to dinnerware.

St Christopher's Hospice Shop 

Location: 78 High St, Bromley BR1 1EY

Local shoppers at St Christopher's Hospice Shop have described it as a "great little store for finding old items".

It is open every day of the week and is said to offer great prices across its range of products.

Princess Alice Hospice

Location: 62 High St, Bromley BR1 1EG

This charity shop sells secondhand books, clothes and homeware, along with vintage items and toys.

Describing how unwanted items help the charity they say: "Your unwanted items can help raise the much-needed funds we need to ensure that our compassionate care continues."

Greenwich & Bexley Community Hospice Shop

Location: 239 Greenwich High Rd, London SE10 8NB

Shoppers at this charity shop share that you get a great mix of items, as one shares it has "a range of good quality clothes from high street and designer brands. Really well-organised shop with lots of interesting home decor items."

Greenwich & Bexley Community Hospice has 17 stores all of which help to support them in providing care to our community.

Alex TLC Charity Shop Greenwich

Location: 154-156 Trafalgar Rd, London SE10 9TZ

Open seven days a week, Alex TLC has been open since 2014 and is said to offer some of the "lowest prices of all charity shops" according to one shopper. 

Others share that staff are "very friendly" and that it is "everything a charity shop is supposed to be".


Location: 17-23 Woolwich Rd, London SE10 0RA

This Debra brand offers everything from furniture, clothing, books, homeware, electrical items and more. 

Debra is a charity "for the painful, genetic skin condition, Epidermolysis Bullosa" and shares it has over 100 stores across the UK.