With Leegate Shopping centre set to be demolished, we’ve looked back at the missed shops and businesses that have closed over the years.

Leegate Shopping Centre on Burnt Ash Hill first opened in 1967 and according to Architects Journal, the centre replaced the former houses and shops that had stood in its place.

It is now set to be demolished under new plans by Lewisham Council to provide 562 homes for families waiting to be housed in the borough.

The council also confirmed that new plans would also involve the build of a new medical centre, community centre and supermarket, alongside leisure facilities like a gym, a pub and a restaurant in place of the current shopping centre.

Over the years the shopping centre has seen a number of businesses come and go, including a bank, a bakery, Woolworths and the former Wetherspoons.

We have rounded up some of the ways Leegate Shopping Centre has changed over the last 15 years.


Many locals to Lee Green who grew up between the 1960s-2000s will remember the Woolworths that used to be located at 16 Leegate.

The store first opened its doors in 1965, marking the 1,110th Woolworth store to open in the UK.

There you could buy almost everything from CD’s, DVD’s, clothes, sweets, toys, and electrical appliances.

You could even find novelty sharpeners, miniature cans of cokes and a huge pick n’ mix stand.

Sadly the store closed its doors in 2009 after Woolworths went into administration marking the end of the popular high street chain that was once part of British high streets across the UK.


Many locals remember Lee Green’s former Wetherspoons the Edmund Halley, which stood there for a few decades.

The pub first opened its doors in December 1998 and served as an affordable drinking and eating spot in the area for locals.

Sadly, the pub closed in December 2022 marking “the end of an era” for locals who went there.


Leegate Shopping Centre also once had a small Boots located where Leegate Pharmacy is now.

The shop opened sometime in the 1980s before it eventually closed down in the early 2000s.

The Abbey National bank

Leegate also once had an Abbey National bank (now known as Santander).

It was formerly located at 15 Leegate, where Eleanor Nursing and Social Care Ltd now stands, and many locals recall using it in the 90s and early 2000s.

Mad Mike’s Army Surplus Store

Next to the Abbey National was the former Mad Mike’s Army Surplus Store, owned by the late Mike Jennings, selling camouflage clothing, outdoor supplies and camping equipment.

According to locals, the shop opened sometime during the 70s before closing by the late 90s.