Four drivers in Bexley have faced hefty fines totalling £2,749 for misusing Blue Badges.

These individuals were found guilty of either failing to provide required information or displaying stolen or lost and subsequently cancelled Blue Badges, using them to exploit parking benefits they were not qualified for. 

Ms Teneka Bailey, from Peckham, was convicted under the Greater London Council Act 1972 for not disseminating information about the identity of the person driving her vehicle during alleged misuse.

The badge, reported lost, displayed in her car had already been cancelled. 

Michael Rogers, of Welling, and Conh Anh Nguyen, of south Tottenham, were also fined for showing Blue Badges that had been reported lost and removed from the system. 

Taylor Steele, of Erith, was found guilty of exposing a stolen Blue Badge. 

The Blue Badge is meant to aid individuals suffering from mobility-affecting physical or non-physical disabilities, allowing them to park closer to their destinations. 

However, all these drivers used the badges to enjoy unwarranted parking benefits. 

Councillor Richard Diment, Bexley's Cabinet Member for Places said: “We continue to be vigilant in protecting the Blue Badge scheme in Bexley.  

“We check in real time the status and validity of around 1,000 displayed badges every month. 

“If we find a cancelled badge on display, we will investigate. 

“Where misuse is confirmed, we will prosecute. 

“It’s not worth risking the unpleasant consequences including a fine and a criminal record just to save a few pennies or avoid a short walk. 

“I urge anyone who has come upon a Blue Badge they are not entitled to use to do the right thing and return it to the issuing authority shown on the badge straight away.” 

Each incident involved Blue Badges granted by organisations outside of Bexley, including two Bexley residents. 

This past year has seen more than 20 prosecutions of similar nature. 

Any changes in the status of the badge such as expiry, betterment of holder's condition leading to ineligibility, retrieval of lost or stolen badges, damage, or non-requirement due to confinement within the house or death of the holder should be reported to the issuing authority. 

Misuse of a Blue Badge is a criminal offense, attracting penalties including prosecution, a fine of up to £1,000, order to pay Council prosecution costs and having a criminal record.