As we shift into the enchanting season of Autumn, it's time to trade in your bikini for your cosiest plaid jumper.

Autumn is all about embracing comfort and warmth, and what better way to relish the serene beauty of the season than by embarking on a tranquil walk in south east London?

We've gathered a selection of delightful autumnal walking routes for you to explore this weekend, providing ample opportunities to immerse yourself in the stunning fall foliage.

Instead, as Halloween draws near – the spookiest time of the year – why not brave these routes in the crisp, hushed air?

Below, you'll find our top six walking routes to explore this weekend in south east London:

1. Bostall Woods

This route explores Bostall Woods and Bostall Heath in Abbey Wood, Greenwich, a locale renowned as the former haunt of highwaymen.

You can traverse a variety of footpaths through this sprawling 160-hectare site, encompassing woodlands and picturesque greenery.

For those seeking a more ghostly adventure, keep an eye out for a cave in the woods, bearing the name of the infamous highwayman, Dick Turpin.

2. Beckenham Place Park

Covering 96 hectares of land, Beckenham Place Park is the largest green space in Lewisham.

The park welcomes visitors every day of the year and boasts an array of amenities, including a café, ball courts, football pitches, tennis courts, a sensory garden, and a serene lake.

Nestled within this stunning park is Beckenham Place Mansion, with its medieval origins, now open daily to the public as an arts, cultural, and community center.

3. Avery Hill Park

Avery Hill Park, an award-winning site recognized with Greenwich's Green Flag, is notable for its winter garden showcasing tropical trees and plants from around the world.

The Green Chain Walk meanders through the park, offering ample space for leisurely autumn strolls and seasonal picnics.

4. Greenwich Park

Greenwich Park stands as one of the capital's most beloved green spaces, offering breathtaking views of some of London's iconic architecture and plenty of room to gather with friends.

For your autumn adventure, has curated five exciting walking routes in Greenwich Park, ranging from 2.1km to 9.5km in length.

5. Lesnes Abbey

Embark on a historic journey starting at Abbey Wood Railway Station, leading you across the ruins of Lesnes Abbey.

Public toilets are available in the park, and this route takes approximately 40 minutes to complete.

6. Three Houses Walk: Hall Place, Red House, and Danson House

For those seeking a lengthier expedition, this route by BexleyWalks spans roughly two hours and encompasses three historic houses in the ancient village of old Bexley.

Begin your tour at Hall Place, continue to Red House, and conclude your adventure at Danson House – an ideal route as we approach the spooky season.

Enjoy your weekend adventure