A shocking TikTok shows a “devastating situation of homelessness” in Abbey Wood under a bridge near to the train station.

The video, shared by Bexleyresident49, shows clothes hanging, plastic sets of draws and litter strewn on the ground.

There are also puddles on the floor and a green wheelie bin.

The caption reads: “I wasn’t expecting to see this and it’s a sad situation” with the hashtags homeless, homeless life, Abbey Wood, Bexley and making Bexley even better.

While there are no people visible in the TikTok, it does appear that the space has been used for shelter for numerous people.

The video is taken from the other side of some railings to show the “homeless village”.

A voiceover in the TikTok says: “I parked my car in Abbey Wood to get the train and came across a whole community of people living under the bridge.”

Another resident in the area contacted the News Shopper after having seen that people were using the bridge for shelter in Abbey Wood.

They said: “This is a dire situation for so many people in this borough.

“I visited Bexleyheath today (September 3) and I have never seen such an overwhelming and devastating situation of homelessness before.

“Mattress upon mattress under so many shop fronts.”

From the video, the homeless community appears to be underneath the bridge where the A2041 goes over Felixstowe Road, but it is not definitively clear.

The News Shopper has contacted Bexley Council for a comment.