A popular theatre company in Sydenham is desperately calling on its community to help prevent it from closure as it faces insolvency due to the pandemic and cost-of-living aftermath.

Despite efforts to make new venue Home Park as welcoming as the last in Mayow Park, the company has struggled to attract its regular audience there.

Now, having racked up large losses and facing insolvency, the company is in crisis and is seeking support from its local community and those beyond.

Having relaunched a new GoFundMe campaign, the company needs to urgently raise more than £10,000 to meet its losses and to continue staging its popular work.

Director Jonathan Kaufman said: “I started the company in 2008 and to see it close down will be very difficult.

“I would have to find a new job, go back to teaching, which isn’t as exciting.

“The weather in the last few weeks has stopped performances taking place. 

“We’ve gone through tough times with the company before, but this might be the final straw.”

If all goes as planned, the company will be working on a Caribbean-themed adaptation of The Little Mermaid, and ScriptHub members will be hosting a 'script in hand' writing class.

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As the year wraps up, they have a special Halloween event and a fresh take on Peter Pan lined up for Christmas.

However, none of these plans can go ahead without community support, and Jonathan is adamant to keep Spontaneous Productions alive.

The company has proved very popular with Londoners, as one audience member said: “We love your shows so much, so well-crafted and a super hit with the kids (and grownups.) We’re devastated at the prospect we’ll lose such an asset for the community. We’re so lucky to have this on our doorstep.”

Another added: “Sorry to hear what is happening. We love this company and believe it’s important for the community to save its LIFE!”

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Jonathan added: “Please share the link in order to keep Spontaneous Productions alive.”