This morning, August 29, millions of Londoners and commuters will be waking up to new travel conditions.

As the long-awaited Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) has now officially expanded to cover all of Greater London.

It comes after expansion plans were originally announced by London Mayor Sadiq Khan in November 2022.

The announcement was followed by mixed opinions as many opposed the ULEZ expansion and its daily £12.50 charge.

News Shopper: The ULEZ has been highly debated. The ULEZ has been highly debated. (Image: PA)

ULEZ officially expands across all of London

Before the expansion, the ULEZ only covered a small portion of London, from the areas within the North and South Circular Roads.

Now it reaches all areas of the region in a bid to tackle the capital air pollution and quality to help improve the health of Londoners.

During the months running up to the expansion, Mayor Khan and Transport for London (TfL) discussed the matter, with Mayor Khan saying the “decision to expand the ULEZ wasn’t easy”.

In a post on X (formerly Twitter) at the start of August, Khan shared a video explaining his reasoning behind the ULEZ expansion.

As the Mayor shared: “Air pollution and the climate crisis are the most serious public health and environmental threats we face.

“In London, toxic air is inflicting untold damage from premature deaths to stunted lungs in children and increased risk of dementia in the elderly.

“Expanding ULEZ was a difficult decision for me to take but it was the right one.”

Adding that some benefits have already been seen: “We’ve already seen the benefits of the ULEZ with cleaner air in central London and inner London.

“This is not the time to step back, delay or water down vital green policies like ULEZ and I’m not prepared to do so.”

Aware that many Londoners were concerned about the added cost of the daily charge, the Mayor and TfL created a scrappage scheme that was opened to all Londoners last week.

However, despite Khan’s appeal and the scrappage, many remain opposed and concerned about the expansion.

News Shopper: Many disapproved the ULEZ.Many disapproved the ULEZ. (Image: PA)

With recent cases seeing ULEZ cameras ripped down, protests along the M25 carried out and a group of boarding boroughs hoping to block the expansion taking the case to High Court.

Whilst the High Court ruled that the ULEZ can go ahead, the Labour Mayor also received mixed opinions from party leader Sir Keir Starmer.

The politician discussed the matter after Labour lost out to the Conservatives for former Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s constituency, Uxbridge.

As Sir Keir said: "It is a reminder that in an election, policy matters.

"We are doing something very wrong if policies put forward by the Labour Party end up on each and every Tory leaflet.

"We've got to face up to that and to learn the lesson."

Many connected the Labour leader's comments to Mayor Khan's ULEZ policy.

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