August saw a number of stores up and down the UK shut their doors for good shocking many avid shoppers. 

It comes as big names like B&M, Boots, Iceland, Co-op and more are closing for good or moving to a brand new location. 

With high streets being slimmed down, many have shared their fears of empty shops lining the streets.

Although news of major brands shutting down is unknown with Wilko being the most recent to go into administration, it has left shoppers shocked. 

Shoppers react amid major high street stores closing

Taking to Facebook, many shoppers have shared their thoughts.

As one said how they found the closures "sad" and that they "can't believe" it, sharing: "So sad. I can’t believe so many well-known stores are closing. It’s frightening in a way as our way of life is changing so much."

Others saw the closures as a chance for new and smaller businesses to shine, saying: "More chances for independent local traders to establish and flourish."

One shopper looked at who is at fault for the high streets closures: "Not enough people going shopping now, all on the internet. No shops left to have a shopping day like we used to have, everything is gone in Oxford Street."

Many others shared similar thoughts, as another shopper wrote: "Internet is big business now! Although the shop is closing bet they will still operate online! They just can’t afford the overheads they have for keeping a store on the street open."

But there was one shopper that was able to sum up their feelings about the shop closures by mentioning a long gone but not forgotten store: "I've not recovered from them closing Woolworths, now this, it's just no right."