Watch the moment a huge snake was found on the loose on a road in Balham by a terrified driver who nearly ran over it.

Muniza Adam was driving with her daughter near to the roundabout just off Weir Road in SW12 when she almost drove over the reptile because she didn't realise what it was.

She told the News Shopper she thought "no way is that a snake," before driving back round to check.

Muniza explained: "I stopped, realised it was a snake and that's when the cyclist pulled up.

"I still can't believe he picked it up so casually.

"I can't believe it happened and my fear of snakes didn't help, that's for sure."

The snake was large and light in colour with dark markings.

The cyclist told Muniza he was familiar with snakes and mentioned contacting the RSPCA.

She was only able to stay for a short while as she was blocking traffic and so had to move.

She said she was "sure" the cyclist had taken the snake with him.

It has not been confirmed what type of snake it is or how the snake made its way onto the road.