A Hither Green street which was rated as London's slowest street for broadband, and the eighth slowest in the entire UK, has had a well needed fibre upgrade.

Dame Kelly Holmes, the gold medallist and legendary athlete, visited the street along with engineers from Community Fibre and brought lightning-fast broadband speeds to South Park Crescent.

State-of-the-art fibre optic cables were installed alongside the old copper technology wires that had been causing slow speeds.

With this upgrade, residents can now enjoy “unrivalled internet speeds”, with the fastest package allowing them to download and upload 100MB videos in just 0.2 seconds.

Resident Tom Cochrane, who has lived in the street for four years, explained: “For too long our street has suffered from appalling internet speed from the incumbent supplier, which has been so slow it is virtually impossible to do even the most basic tasks online let alone doing streaming, gaming or working from home.”

Dame Kelly Holmes added: “As someone who is obsessed with speed, I can only imagine the frustration residents of South Park Crescent have felt over the years with their slow internet connections.

“After talking to some of the residents who will now be receiving superfast broadband speeds, it’s clear that this new connection will have a huge impact on their lives.”

Graeme Oxby, CEO of Community Fibre, comments: “Slow broadband speeds can have a very real, negative impact on people’s lives, from the extra money spent on mobile data and the inability to access essential digital services, to being unable to work from home effectively or simply stream your favourite show.

"I'm so pleased we're able to offer the residents of South Park Crescent the fastest, best quality and best value broadband along with 1 million other homes in London.”

In fact, the study found that two-thirds of Brits, equivalent to 18.7 million households, are dissatisfied with their current broadband providers.

This dissatisfaction often leads to what experts refer to as "WiFi rage," with 76 per cent of Brits reporting experiencing this anger in the past year due to poor and unreliable broadband connections.