Three drug dealers have been jailed for a combined 47 years after £30,000 was found in a Deliveroo bag during a raid in Greenwich

Warren Wright, Mark John Baeza and Zieng Ly were involved in the supply of over 45kgs across south east London and to county lines gangs, the Metropolitan Police said. 

The trio came to police attention when they used the Encro chat platform to buy and sell large amounts of cocaine. 

Wright’s home on Camdale Road in Greenwich was raided in January 2021 during which £30,000 was found in a takeaway delivery bag and an Encro chat phone was found. 

Baeza’s home on Bracondale Road in Greenwich was raided on the same day and he was also arrested. 

The conversations from the Encro chat phone found at Wright’s home led police to Ly, of Stone Gardens in Rochester, and he was arrested. 

On Friday (August 4) Wright, aged 48, was jailed for 11 years for conspiracy to supply over 15kgs of cocaine. 

A few weeks earlier Baeza, aged 44, was jailed for 18 years for conspiracy to supply 15kgs of cocaine.

Ly, aged 42, was jailed for 18 years for conspiracy to supply 11kgs of cocaine and conspiracy to supply 6kgs of cannabis. 

Detective Constable Imran Hansraj, from the Serious and Organised Crime team, said: “Baeza, Ly and Wright took a calculated gamble when they became involved in the illegal drugs trade.

"Despite believing that using encrypted devices made them untouchable, the sentences handed down show that ultimately their business model was flawed. 

"This operation involved multiple teams across the Met and it’s thanks to their hard work and dedication that this organised crime group has been dismantled. The direct link between drug dealing and violence is clear and the consequences bring absolute devastation to communities across London. 

The drugs trade relies upon exploitation and violence to operate and as such we will continue to pursue those responsible putting them before the courts.”