After weeks of endless rain and dark cloudy skies, it seems like London may get some summery weather this August. 

As weather forecasts from the Met Office and BBC Weather suggest that next week will see sunny clear skies and warm temperatures. 

It comes after days of rain, wind and thunderstorms have caused travel delays for many and concerns of flooding in some areas. 

So just before you put away summer outfits, you might want to check out the weather forecast for the upcoming week.

London weather to see the return of summer next week

Looking at the Met Office forecast for the upcoming week, the start of the week will still be cloudy conditions but with very little chance of rain at 10%.

Whilst the middle of the week will see London weather take a happy turn with bright clear summery skies and hot temperatures reaching 26C. 

Plus, there's set to be a low chance of rain at 5% but there might be some wind at highs of 24 mph.

The Met Office's long forecast shares: "After a cool start, temperatures should recover somewhat to values close to or even a little above average at times, especially in the south."

Whilst the BBC Weather also suggests that London is finally in for a summer, albeit slightly delayed. 

As next week shows sun all week, with a slight breeze and good temperatures of between 23C and 25C. 

Although there may still be some rain ahead with scattered showers predicted at some points.