We've rounded up what south east Londoners need right now - according to comments on Facebook. 

From wanting a new Mayor of London to wishing for Spiderman, people have not shied away from expressing what they would want to see in south east London. 

Susie Lozoya said: "A decent community, years ago everyone looked out for each other, not anymore.

"Your lucky if you know the names of your neighbours now."

Merlin Reader said: Bakerloo line extension, and free buses and trains."

David Mawson said: "A replacement Fritz in Catford."

Gareth Williams said: "A new Spoons so we can drown our sorrows over ULEZ with cheap good value drinks."

Jennifer Jean said: "SE to SW transport line, direct."

Janet Johnson said: "More public housing."

Billie Dallison said: "Some warm weather."

Danny Hardie said: "Public services and social housing."

Linda Roberts said: "To become Bromley, Kent again an not part of Greater London."

Sarah Crawford said: "More staff in hospitals."

Mark Edward said: "New Mayor and Roads resurfaced - so that going through the high street on a bus, doesn't feel like driving on the moon in a cement mixer.

"Investment to attract independent and original shops and businesses.

"Fewer coffee shops/tanning salons/nail bars/tattoo parlours."

Jo Gallier Wicks said: "A new mayor of London."

Mary-Anne Mabs Brooks said: "Definitely a new mayor who actually takes note of the people’s wishes, not just his own and if he wants to stop.

"Pollution, how about starting with the underground where the most pollution actually comes from, not the outer London boroughs who have limited transport links which are unreliable or non existent because of the area they have to cover."

Alex McGookin said: "More Morely chicken shops!"

Will Allen said: "Spiderman."

Samuel Westlake said: "More safeguarding around children in what they are being exposed to in the name of inclusivity."

Natalie Everson said: "A new Mayor".

Danny Chappell said: "More pubs.

"Better nightclubs and more entertainment for kids."

Mike Andrews said: "Affordable housing and places to go out and socialise they don’t charge like they’re in the new zone 1.

"Bexley used to be affordable 20 years ago."

Paul Neve said: "To get rid of ULEZ."

Ricky Chipps said: "A new Mayor and new Prime Minister."