The leader for Bromley Council has expressed “bitter disappointment” for Bromley’s residents following the High Court’s decision to allow the ULEZ expansion to go ahead.

In November last year London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan announced the expansion of ULEZ to cover all outer London zones.

In response a coalition of five councils, including the two south east London councils of Bromley and Bexley, took legal action against Sadiq Khan’s decision to expand the ULEZ across Greater London.

This morning (July 28) a High Court judge confirmed that the ULEZ expansion would go ahead on August 29, after determining that there was no legal impediment to the ULEZ expansion to outer London.

The ULEZ expansion will mean that residents in Bromley will be required to pay a daily fee of £12.50 if driving a non-compliant vehicle.

In response to the ruling, Leader of Bromley Council, Cllr Colin Smith described the news as a “bitter disappointment” for the motorists living in Bromley.

Cllr Smith added that the news would impact local businesses as well as those providing care for vulnerable people in outer London.

In his statement, Cllr Smith also apologised to those affected by the ULEZ expansion following today’s ruling.

Cllr Colin Smith, Leader of Bromley Council, said: “Today’s decision cannot be disguised as anything other than bitter disappointment for motorists in general, traders who will now have to consider ceasing business and laying off staff, those who will now have to change jobs and, most desperately of all, people who will no longer be able to support vital care networks for vulnerable people across the whole of outer London in particular.

“To all of them as well as the legion of families who will now have to trade in perfectly good cars at significant cost they can’t really afford, for a newer vehicle they don’t want or need, I can only say sorry.

“We’ve tried our very hardest to protect you but ultimately, today’s judgement does mean that the Mayor has taken another step closer to getting his way. “

However, do please be assured that this is not the end of the matter and this battle will continue.

“To draw a positive from this setback, we have been extremely successful in bringing the Mayor’s intentions both around ULEZ, as well as Road Price Charging which is set to follow, to every front page and living room across the country in recent weeks, and what has become increasingly clear, is that the more that people see and learn of it, the less they like it.

“We will take that energy and build on it over coming weeks and it may well be that we will now need to turn to Parliament for a solution immediately upon their return from their Summer Recess at the beginning of September.”

In a statement, City Hall Conservative spokesperson Keith Prince AM said that whilst there was “insufficient evidence” that the ULEZ expansion is unlawful, there was evidence that the policy would have an impact on the poorest people living in London.

Keith Prince AM, City Hall Conservatives transport spokesperson, said: "While there was insufficient evidence the ULEZ expansion is unlawful, the evidence is clear that the policy will hit the poorest hardest, while having only a negligible effect on air quality.

“Sadiq Khan cannot ignore the overwhelming opposition of both Londoners and his own party forever.

“We will continue campaigning to get the ULEZ expansion scrapped, so we can tackle air pollution where it is instead of taxing where it isn't."

In response to the ruling, the Conservative Party’s London mayor candidate, Susan Hall said: "While it is a shame the High Court did not find the ULEZ expansion to be unlawful, there is no denying that Sadiq Khan's plans will have a devastating impact on families and businesses across the city.

“If I am elected Mayor, I will stop the ULEZ expansion on day one and set up a £50m pollution hotspots fund to tackle the issue where it is, instead of taxing people where it isn't."

In a tweet, Sadiq Khan welcomed the news of the High Court’s decision and added that the decision to expand ULEZ was a difficult one.

Khan also added that in response to the concerns of Londoners he would be expanding the scrappage scheme to families in receipt of child benefit and all small businesses with up to fifty employees from next week.

The full tweet from Sadiq Khan said: “This landmark decision is good news as it means we can proceed with cleaning up the air in outer London on 29 August.

“The decision to expand the ULEZ was very difficult and not something I took lightly and I continue to do everything possible to address any concerns Londoners may have.

“The ULEZ has already reduced toxic nitrogen dioxide air pollution by nearly half in central London and a fifth in inner London.

“The coming expansion will see five million more Londoners being able to breathe cleaner air.

“I've been listening to Londoners throughout the ULEZ rollout, which is why from next week I am expanding the scrappage scheme to nearly a million families who receive child benefit and all small businesses with up to fifty employees will continue to look at new ideas to support Londoners.”

“Nine out of 10 cars seen driving in outer London on an average day are already compliant so won't pay a penny - yet will still see the benefits of cleaner air.

“Air pollution is an urgent public health crisis - our children are growing up with stunted lungs and it is linked to a host of serious conditions, from heart disease to cancer and dementia.

“This unambiguous decision today in the High Court allows us to press on with the difficult but vital task of cleaning up London's air and tackling the climate crisis.”