Around the World in 80 Days at the Churchill Theatre is a fun and entertaining performance for all the family.

The play, adapted and directed by Juliet Forster, is currently nearing the last leg of its UK tour, playing at the Churchill Theatre in Bromley.

It is a retelling of Jules Verne’s 1872 novel Around the World in 80 Days, which tells the story of distinguished gentleman Phileas Fogg's attempt to win a bet by circumnavigating the globe using all modes of modern transport.

But the play doesn’t always stick to the story, and some tension between the travellers shows as others share their views on the book and its depiction of the world.

Fans of The Play That Goes Wrong will definitely enjoy this “play within a play” recreation of the classic tale.

News Shopper: Alex Phelps as Phileas Fogg and Eddie Mann as Detective FixAlex Phelps as Phileas Fogg and Eddie Mann as Detective Fix (Image: Anthony Robling)

We are first introduced to our small band of five actors, although not everyone is entirely thrilled with the idea of recreating the tale and its Victorian values.

The small cast each play several roles, and also double up as parts of the set, from a ship caught in a tempest to an American steam train hurtling at full speed across the desert.

Alex Phelps plays both the lead role of the sensible and pragmatic Fogg and the slightly overbearing director, who appears to be the only person truly invested in the original story.

The play dips in and out of the narrative, with occasional conversations between actors on some of the more problematic aspects of the book, much to the annoyance of the lead.

A standout was the retelling of the accounts of American journalist Nellie Bly who, inspired by Verne’s writings, travelled the world in just 72 days.

News Shopper: The show is currently playing up Churchill Theatre until July 22, 2023The show is currently playing up Churchill Theatre until July 22, 2023 (Image: Anthony Robling)

Katriona Brown gives a fantastic performance as Bly, recounting some of her diary entries as she voyaged across the world and marvelled at what she saw.

The juxtaposition between the humorous tale of a man attempting to get around the world with a large fortune, aided by friends, really stands out against Nellie Bly’s true story of travelling the world alone in 1889.

Eddie Mann gives a comical performance as Detective Fix, as well numerous other characters such as station attendants.

I, along with the entire audience, laughed with delight at his quips and remarks - some directed at us.

Genevieve Sabherwal delivers a fantastic performance as Fogg's love interest Aouda, as well as other characters including an uppity Victorian gentleman and an Indian café attendant.

News Shopper: Alex Phelps as Phileas Fogg, Genevieve Sabherwal as Aouda and Eddie Mann as Detective FixAlex Phelps as Phileas Fogg, Genevieve Sabherwal as Aouda and Eddie Mann as Detective Fix (Image: Anthony Robling)

She gives a funny but equally thought-provoking commentary on how the book portrayed Indian people, as well as their treatment during the British Empire.

The production has humour that both adults and children will enjoy, from comments about the book to the hilarious foolery when Fogg's servant and companion Passepartout, played by Wilson Benedito, is forced to become a circus clown.

The audience is moved when a sad and stranded Passepartout stumbles through the auditorium in search of food, and amused when Detective Fix strikes up conversations with them.

The play manages to be comical as well as thought-provoking and modern, dealing with the depiction of the only female character in the book and the representation of different cultures and countries at the time.

All in all, I thought it was an entertaining and witty recreation of the tale made modern for audiences both old and young.

Around the World in 80 Days is at the Churchill Theatre in Bromley until July 22.

Tickets cost from £16 or £13.50 with concessions. £11 for children.