Heddon Yokocho is a remarkable venue that transports you straight into a bustling Japanese street food market with its vibrant atmosphere, bright lights, and cosy ambience.

The retro 70s vibe adds an extra layer of charm to the experience which is located on Heddon Street in the West End area of London.

I got the chance to try their new summer menu and their newest food items.

The theme of Heddon Yokocho is executed brilliantly, capturing the essence of a lively Japanese alleyway.

The attention to detail is impressive, and the overall ambience is truly engaging.

News Shopper: Inside the venueInside the venue (Image: Amy C)

During my visit, I had the pleasure of savouring melon cream soda float, which was a delightful first-time experience for me.

The highlight of the meal was undoubtedly the mochi doughnuts - my partner opted for the sacra one, while I indulged in the chocolate variation.

What sets Heddon Yokocho apart is the playful touch they add to their menus. Anime characters grace the pages, and you can choose cocktails based on these characters, adding an extra layer of fun and creativity to your dining experience.

Heddon Yokocho truly offers something different from your typical, traditional restaurant.

News Shopper: Examples from the summer menuExamples from the summer menu (Image: Amy C)

The summer menu offers a selection of light and fresh options, perfect for a satisfying lunchtime meal.

We decided to try the sake slush, despite my usual indifference to sake, and it turned out to be a pleasantly surprising and unique experience.

The staff at Heddon Yokocho were accommodating and nice, although the service was tad slow in my personal opinion, but it meant we had time to catch up and soak in the atmosphere.

Nevertheless, the venue's relaxed atmosphere, coupled with the mechanical ramen bowl that moves up and down outside the restaurant, creates a picturesque setting for some Instagrammable moments.

The laid-back vibe of Heddon Yokocho adds to the overall appeal and makes it an ideal spot to unwind and enjoy.

Even though I wouldn't usually opt for a summer menu, I found the poke bowls to be particularly satisfying - which are available with either salmon or tofu.

Both options were delicious, although it's worth noting that the tofu bowl does not include an egg until specifically requested as it is a vegan option.

News Shopper: Outside the venueOutside the venue (Image: Amy C)

The poke bowls offer a fresh and light alternative to the ramen, perfect for those who desire a different culinary experience.

We also tried the salmon and avocado sushi rolls which were such a nice starter.

The venue's Japanese street food market ambience, coupled with its delicious offerings and unique touches, make it stand out from the crowd.