A 104-year-old care home resident and an 84-year-old cancer survivor have both taken on the Race for Life in Blackheath.

Care home resident Annie Hardy, who recently celebrated her 104th birthday in June, was one of RMBI Care Co. Home’s residents in Chislehurst to take on the race in June.

The three kilometre race on Sunday, June 25 was attended by three residents and 12 staff members, including Annie herself.

On the day of the race, during last weekend's hot weather, the participants faced temperatures of 31 degrees.

Aged 104, Annie announced that she was “the oldest participant in the race“, and was cheered on by crowds as she was pushed the 3k distance in her wheelchair by the Home’s Business Relationship Manager, Fiona Hodges.

Annie said: “I had a fantastic time.

“People were waving and wishing me luck the whole way around; I was treated like royalty.”

Also joining the race was 84-year-old resident Marguerite Brosnahan, who overcame her battle with cancer 40 years earlier.

The 84-year-old covered the distance independently before ringing the bell at the finish line.

The collective efforts of the group of 15 managed to raise over £1,500 for the Cancer Research charity.

Nina Stephens, Home Manager at Prince George Duke of Kent Court, said: “It was a magical day.

“When Annie’s name was called out over the microphone, we received huge cheers from the crowds, which was encouraging for the whole team to push on through the heat