Twitter users are reporting problems with the social media platform this afternoon with people getting a "rate limit exceeded" message.

Downdector has received thousands of reported problems with Twitter this afternoon, with reports beginning as early as midday. 

Reported problems on Downdetector reached a high of over 4000 at around 3.30pm.

Rate limit exceeded on Twitter

Twitter users have said one of the main issues is they keep getting a message that says "rate limit exceeded". 

Rate Limit Exceeded means you have used Twitter too much within a set time limit.

News Shopper: Rate limit exceeded means users have used Twitter too much within a set time limit.Rate limit exceeded means users have used Twitter too much within a set time limit. (Image: PA)

Twitter, talking about what rate limit exceed means, explains: "In order to control the use of the Twitter API, Twitter sets a limit on how many times it can be used in an hour."

According to Twitter, limits are only set on the app, not the website.

Users have said they have been unable to do tasks including receiving tweets, looking at their timelines and searching profiles.

Users "losing their mind" over problems with Twitter

Twitter users have been left frustrated, taking to Downdector to vent their frustration and talk about the problems they are having with the social media platform. 

One user, on Downdetector, said: "It has been 3 hours since twitter fell, and in that time I spoke to my family for the first time, I have completed university, gotten married and started my own family unit."

Another person said: "I’m getting the ‘rate limit exceeded’ error and I can’t receive tweets or look at timeline…although can receive mentions."

A third person added: "This is just getting beyond a joke now."

Someone else commented: "it just says “rate limit exceeded” i could view people’s profiles a few minutes ago but just couldn’t refresh my feed. now i can’t view profiles at all now without being met with a “rate limit exceeded” message again."

While a fourth person said: "I love how people are losing their mind over a social media site being down, reading some of the comments is entertainment."