A predatory man who sexually assaulted a stranger he followed out of McDonald’s in Gravesend has been jailed.

Dalciran Ibrahim, of London Road in Swanscombe, drove to the high street drunk with the intention of having sex in the early hours of September 25 last year. 

The 35-year-old had sent messages to various sex workers, but when he got no replies he decided that if he could not have consensual sex he would instead use force, the court heard. 

While in McDonald’s he dropped some money and a woman, who was a complete stranger, picked it up and gave it back to him.  

“He then took an interest in her, followed her outside, approached her and spoke to her. She could smell alcohol on his breath so she moved away,” prosecutor Robert Evans said. 

Ibrahim went to his car and beckoned her inside, asking if they could sit and talk but she politely said no. 

“He said he had no friends or family and that he would pay her. This was a lie, he was married,” Mr Evans said. 

The woman told him she had a boyfriend and walked away down a side street, the court heard. 

Ibrahim followed her, grabbed her by the arm and pinned her against the shutters of a jewellers which was covered in scaffolding – concealing his vile actions as he began to sexually assault her. 

“It was obvious she was not interested and did not consent to what he was doing to her, but nevertheless he wasn’t taking no for an answer. At one point he had his hand on her neck,” Mr Evans said. 

Several members of the public walked past but nobody stopped to help. 

He detained her there for 20 minutes as he sexually assaulted her, before he took her by the arm and dragged her towards his car, Mr Evans said. 

Fortunately three men – brothers Daniel and Luke who were with their friend Joshua, who did not want their full identities made public – saw the woman was distressed. 

They asked her if she was okay and if she wanted to stand with them. 

They questioned Ibrahim on what he was doing. Ibrahim lied that she was his girlfriend of two years and that she was drunk. 

While they distracted Ibrahim the victim managed to get away before Ibrahim followed her and grabbed her arm again. 

At this point Ibrahim and the woman were out of their sight, but Daniel, Luke and Joshua were so concerned that they drove around their area trying to find her. 

Eventually they did find her and invited her into their car, drove her to a safe place and phoned the police. 

Meanwhile Daniel, who was on a motorbike, gave police his phone number and followed Ibrahim. 

As Daniel followed him, Ibrahim approached three other lone women in the street. He was then arrested.

News Shopper: Dalciran Ibrahim was married with a kid but was roaming the streets of Gravesend looking for a woman to have sex withDalciran Ibrahim was married with a kid but was roaming the streets of Gravesend looking for a woman to have sex with (Image: Kent Police)

In a statement, the victim described the devastating impact this attack had on her life. 

She said it caused her to go into a downward spiral. She had previously recovered from a drug problem but due to the trauma Ibrahim inflicted on her she has relapsed into drug use and has lost her home.

She said she used to be someone who loved to help others. 

“Now she finds it hard to even speak to others, a devastating impact on her life,” Mr Evans said.   

A jury found Ibrahim guilty of false imprisonment, false imprisonment with intent to commit a sexual offence, and sexual assault. 

Judge D Miller said he had no doubts that Ibrahim intended to rape the woman. 

He sentenced Ibrahim to seven years in custody with an additional seven years on licence. 

Judge Miller told Ibrahim that his wife and children were also victims in this case. 

“You were the breadwinner. As a Romanian man, I anticipate that when you finish your sentence you will deported,” Judge Miller said.

PC Bethany Honess, of the North Kent Vulnerability Investigation Team, said: “Ibrahim subjected this young woman to an appalling ordeal which she had to relive whilst giving evidence during a trial. 

“I would like to commend the victim’s courage in assisting our investigation and it is hoped Ibrahim’s prison sentence will now allow her some closure. 

“I would also commend the actions of the members of the public who came to the victim’s aid. 

“Their actions undoubtedly prevented her coming to further harm and ensured this predatory offender was brought to justice.”