An hour-by-hour weather forecast for London as Met Office issues yellow weather warnings for heavy rain and thunderstorms.

A yellow weather warning for heavy rain and thunderstorms has been issued for parts of England and Wales from 12pm until midnight today (June 18).

After the recent hot weather Londoners have been experiencing over recent days, London is expected to be hit with outbreaks of heavy rain and potential thunderstorms on Sunday night.

Rain is expected to hit London in the late afternoon, leading to heavy showers and possible thunderstorms throughout the afternoon and evening.

Some places have been forecast to miss the majority or all of the rain, with other areas being expected to potentially see up to 30mm of rainfall in an hour, and some potentially experiencing between 60 to 80mm of rainfall within three to six hours.

London is one of the areas predicted to experience the most disruption as a result of the wet weather along with east England and east Wales.

Here’s the full forecast for today and tomorrow:


In London, heavy rain has been forecast for London from 5pm today.

Showers are expected throughout the afternoon, with more persistent rain expected from around 5pm with possible thundery spells forecasted.

Heavy rainfall is expected to continue into the evening, clearing in more northern areas by midnight.

The rain is expected to clear, leading to brighter sunny spells by the early morning.


On Monday, more sunny spells have been predicted with the potential for isolated showers developing around midday.

Maximum temperature 26 °C.

Here’s the full forecast for this afternoon:

3pm - Cloudy

4pm - Cloudy

5pm - Light rain

6pm - Heavy rain

7pm - Heavy rain

8pm - Cloudy

9pm - Cloudy

10pm - Partly cloudy

11pm - Partly cloudy