Love Island viewers expressed their anger at Zachariah for his "disrespectful" actions to Catherine during a challenge.

This furious response occurred after the 'Absolute Banker' challenge on Sunday night's episode (June 11) in which the boys had to try and catch dollar bills in a wind machine and then weight how much they caught in a bag.

The amount they caught corresponded to a gift they could give to a girl of their choice before snogging them.

Zachariah is coupled up with Catherine but has privately expressed to Molly that he likes her, and made a big show of taking his time before handing his gift to Molly before kissing her.

News Shopper: Zachariah kissed Molly in the challengeZachariah kissed Molly in the challenge (Image: Lifted Entertainment/ITV)

Love Island fans react furiously to Zachariah's actions

Love Island viewers had not been happy with Zachariah with how he was being disrespectful to Catherine earlier in the episode by approaching Molly, but this reached its zenith in the challenge.

One viewer posted: "Naah Zachariah violated. Even if he's now attracted to Molly he should have been respectful to Catherine in that challenge. Kmt."

Another said: "Catherine needs to cook Zachariah before she moves on. Don’t let him walk all over you. #LoveIsland."

Meanwhile, one person shared: "Catherine handled that well! Now I hope she reads Zachariah for filth and dumps his ass!! #LoveIsland."

Another user suggested Catherine channel last year's contestant Ekin-Su by saying: "There's nothing wrong for exploring especially first week but Zachariah move was so disrespectful. Catherine babe channel your inner ekin su #loveisland".

Does Love Island air on Saturdays?

Similar to the show's format over previous years, a new episode of Love Island does not air on Saturdays.

However, you can tune in (or catch up) with Love Island: Unseen Bits for even more villa content.

The unseen bits spin-off features exclusive content from that week in the villa that didn't make it into the main show in order to give the islanders a day off from filming.

When did Love Island start?

The current incarnation of Love Island began on June 7, 2015.

However, the original show - Celebrity Love Island - which was not particularly successful, aired in the summer of 2005 when Jayne Middlemiss and Fran Cosgrave won the contest.

The late Caroline Flack began presenting the ITV dating show in 2015 and it became the most-watched programme on the channel.

Love Island airs weekdays and on Sundays at 9 pm on ITV2 and on ITVX.