BECKENHAM:  Happy 100th Biddy! Biddy Howard

Beatrice Spaulding (known as Biddy to friends and family) was born on 11th June 1923 in Beckenham Maternity Hospital. She was to be a twin, but her mum fell down the stairs during pregnancy which caught her twin across the head and Biddy across the toes. She survived but was born with some toes missing.


She attended Churchfields School, which was in the same road she grew up, and left at the age of 14 to work in a laundrette, followed by a shirt factory in Avenue Road. She met her husband Ronald Howard and they married on 24th April 1943 and had one son, 'Little Ronnie' Howard.


Beatrice is a great baker and used to make lots of cakes including wedding cakes for many of her family and friends. She still bakes today when she has visitors or for her three grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren. Sadly, she lost her beloved Ron in 1997 and spent a couple of years living with her son before moving to Peter Kennedy Court where she still lives today.


From the very beginning, Biddy became a big part of the community there, a committee member, helping organise charity events. This is where the knitting class that she runs began. She teaches the other residents all the different stitches and also some crocheting. She has made hundreds of toys, blankets and hats for the premature babies at Kings College Hospital and chose to do that because of the amazing care she received there back in 2016 when she underwent the last of many operations over the years to remove a mass that kept growing in her stomach. She had to go into critical care, but amazed the staff with her strength and will to return home - she even managed to beat a stay in hospital with covid!


Biddy, Nanny Howard, Nanny Bid or however she is known to many and is truly remarkable and loved by anyone she meets. Happy 100th birthday Nan!

Claire Howard - Grnaddaughter.