Lewisham Council has addressed growing fears about Grove Park Library's closure and has said it is working to find a solution.

News Shopper has heard from some members of the Grove Park community who have expressed concern over Grove Park Library’s future and a potential closure of the premisses.

However, Lewisham Council has released a statement saying that it is “committed” to its library services across the borough.

The council explained that Grove Park Library’s current leaseholder had issued a notice to end its lease unilaterally.

Lewisham Council is working with the leaseholder to ensure an adequate notice period, whilst exploring opportunities for other organisations and stakeholders to take on Grove Park Library before the end of the lease period of its current stakeholder.

A spokesperson for Lewisham Council said: “Lewisham Council is committed to delivering an accessible local library service right across our borough.

“The current leaseholder of Grove Park Library unilaterally issued notice to end the lease.

“We are currently working with the leaseholder to ensure that there is an adequate period of notice for the ending of the lease whilst also exploring opportunities to work with community partner organisations and stakeholders already supporting libraries in our borough to take on the opportunity.”

In a statement, Cllr James-J Walsh said that Lewisham Council is committed to ensuring the continuation of Grove Park Library and is working to find a solution.

Cllr James-J Walsh, Cabinet Member for Libraries said: “The community library model in Lewisham has served our borough well since its inception in 2012, protecting a borough wide library service and gaining national recognition for innovation.

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"Lewisham Council is committed to ensuring wherever possible the continued provision of all our libraries in the borough, including at Grove Park, and we're working hard to come up with a solution.

“As a Council, we value the huge benefits that libraries bring, that's why despite 1 in 5 libraries closing nationally, we have never had a single closure.

“Here in Lewisham we are actively securing investment for our libraries, bringing transformational change, whether in Catford's newly reopened library or our multi-million-pound investment that is just about to begin in Lewisham town centre.”