London is about to get very hot as forecasts predict a mini heatwave is set for the capital. 

Just in time to mark the start of the summer, the skies might still be slightly cloudy but the temperatures are going to be very hot with some days reaching nearly 30C. 

The hottest of the week will be Saturday, June 10 with forecasters, including the Met Office, suggesting that London will be 27C. 

Although Saturday might be hot it will be cloudy but with some sunny skies peaking through and the late afternoon will see some rain with a 60% chance of precipitation. 

Into the start of next week, temperatures will remain hot with an average of 26C on Monday, June 12 and Tuesday, June 13. 

London to be hit with a mini heatwave

The Met Office weather forecasts share that Friday and to Sunday will be "Dry, largely sunny on Friday but breezy.

"Generally warm away from coasts. Sunshine and showers on Saturday and Sunday, potentially heavy and thundery in places. Feeling muggy."

Whilst the short-range forecast suggests the start of summer weather, the UK long-range predicts a mix of wet and sunny conditions. 

The Met Office says: "Plenty of dry weather with a good deal of sunshine continuing for most. An area of showers likely moving in from the southwest.

"These possibly heavy and thundery at times, perhaps most likely across the south and west.

"This area likely to make progress northeasterly across much of the UK through the weekend but low confidence around exact details of this progression, plus the degree of activity.

"Temperatures generally widely very warm, locally hot, and becoming humid especially in the south and southeast.

"Winds generally light or moderate for most areas. Later, most likely plenty of fine and settled weather with sunny and clear conditions for many parts.

"Likely to be warmer than normal for much of the UK. Risk of showers, possibly heavy and thundery, especially in southern parts."