Love Island fans and contestants were left shocked when bombshell Zachariah from London recoupled, rocking the summer villa.

Love Island restarted on Monday with viewers being introduced to 10 contestants before the shock arrival of the show's first bombshell.

At the end of Monday night's episode, Maya Jama asked the girls unhappy with their partner to step forward.

Admitting they didn't feel a connection in their current partnerships, Ruchee Gurung and Jess Harding came forward.

Zach then had the whole of tonight's episode to decide who he would be coupling up with, leaving one of the boys vulnerable.

Who is Love Island bombshell Zachariah Noble?

Lewisham-based, Zachariah Noble is a basketball player who most recently played for Worcester Wolves in the British league.

He told the Radio Times that wanted to try something different so signed up to the show, saying: "I always say, ‘You only grow as a person when you take yourself out of your comfort zone’ and I think it’s something that’s so far out of my comfort zone, I’d be silly not to give it a go.

"Being 25, I’m at a crossroads where I’ve been having fun, but I also want to have the peace and harmony that comes from being with the right woman."

In terms of what he was looking for in a partner he hoped he would find someone "genuine" and who was able to have a laugh.

Who did Zachariah Noble couple up with on Love Island as bombshell rocks villa?

The basketball player decided to couple up with Catherine, leaving her former partner, Andre, vulnerable to being dumped from the ITV show.

What are the Love Island 2023 couples after Zachariah Noble chooses Catherine?

Here are the Love Island couples at the time of writing after Zachariah Noble picks Catherine to couple up with:

  • Ruchee and Medhi
  • Molly and Mitchel
  • Jess and George
  • Ella and Tyrique
  • Catherine and Zachariah

Love Island will continue from 9 pm on Wednesday (June 7) on ITV2 and ITVX.