In less than three weeks’ time, a donation page to provide a ULEZ compliant animal ambulance closes, and staff still need the help.

Foal Farm is an independent animal rescue and sanctuary in Biggin Hill.

Each year, the rescue centre rehomes more than 500 abandoned, abused, and neglected dogs, cats and small animals.

Their current ambulance does not fit the ULEZ criteria, and they are more than £10,000 away from reaching their goal, which ends online on June 27 at 2.43pm.

So far, the rescue centre has raised just over £13,000, which include offline donations.

Foal Farm regularly take on animals with chronic conditions or older animals that may not get a home elsewhere.

A spokesperson for Foal Farm says that when the ULEZ charge extends to cover the whole of Greater London, the sanctuary will be “forced” to pay every time they use the animal ambulance.

A spokesperson said: “Our current vehicle is over 12 years old, so with the expansion of the ULEZ charge, it has become a priority for us to replace it.

“Our animal ambulance is used to take animals to the vets for routine operations (e.g., neutering) or for medical emergencies.

“The ambulance is also used in rescue missions, where multiple animals are collected from environments where they are suffering from neglect or abuse.

“It is essential that we have a suitable vehicle to use to carry out this work.”

One pooch who was in desperate need of the animal ambulance is Sidney- a Whippet crossbreed who was found as a stray.

News Shopper:

He was in an appalling condition when he arrived at the animal rescue centre; severely underweight, urine stained and needed numerous vet visits to have health tests and treatment.

He needed anti-biotics, which had to be injected as his stomach was so sensitive and he struggled to keep food down.

He is now having supplements and on a strict feeding regime and he is slowly beginning to gain weight.

Violet the cat was found by the side of a road after being hit by a car, leaving her in severe pain with a badly broken pelvis, which put her at need for an animal ambulance.

News Shopper:

As her microchip details were not updated and an owner failed to come forward, Foal Farm agreed to proceed with the expensive specialist surgery that was needed to help her recover and be able to live a normal healthy life.

A spokesperson for Foal Farm said: “These are just two examples of the animals that desperately need our help.

“To be able to provide the care that they need, we must replace our animal ambulance.”

Foal Farm needs to raise £25,000 to buy a ULEZ compliant vehicle and fit it out with the required kennels and cages.

If Foal Farm can reach its stretch target of £40,000, it could get a much newer van with more advanced fittings.

The goal is to raise the money by the end of June, so Foal Farm has enough time to source and fit the new animal ambulance.

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