A missing cat which has been dubbed as a “local celebrity” in Beckenham has been found after three months of searching.

Stella the cat first went missing on the evening of Sunday, February 19 at around 11.30pm on Copers Cope Road.

Since then, Stella’s owner and the people of Beckenham have searched wide and far for the beloved cat.

Earlier today (June 3) a photo of a white and ginger cat was shared onto a Facebook group, which later was revealed to be Stella.

Rebecca Williams, Stella’s owner, says she is going to be “making up for lost time” with Stella.

News Shopper: Stella relaxing at home in her favourite spotStella relaxing at home in her favourite spot (Image: Rebecca Williams)

She told the News Shopper: “A lot of people are pleased that Stella is home, thank you to the lovely Jean who put the post onto Facebook.

“Since she has been home, she has been cuddling up to all of us and sleeping on the sofa.

“We’ve just got a new rescue kitten too, so Stella will have some company.

“They haven’t been introduced just yet, but I am sure they will be partners in crime”.

Rebecca explained that Stella is a rescue cat from Rommey House in Downe and was originally on the streets of Romania.

Stella is now around five years old.

Stella the cat is well known locally for her love of people, big personality and wandering paws – and many people typically saw Stella on a day-to-day basis.

The name Stella is inspired by the snow leopard in the Northern Lights by author Philip Pullman who is named Stelmaria.